Jennifer McKiernan, journalist at the Aberdeen Evening Express and a Robert Bosch Stiftung-EURACTIV Journalism Fellow

Elections 24-10-2012

Scotland seeks legal advice on EU status as independent nation

Scotland has formally asked for legal advice on its position in the European Union if it votes for independence from Britain in its 2014 referendum, the government said yesterday (23 October). 
Elections 16-10-2012

Scottish referendum to clash with European elections

Scotland and the UK signed an agreement yesterday (15 October) opening the way for a referendum on independence in the autumn 2014, after the European elections. But if Scots vote for independence, they would be out of the EU, at least until they renegotiate membership.

Quotas only way to ‘shatter the glass ceiling’ for women

Boardroom quotas for women are the only option left to achieve gender balance, according to an equality campaign group. That view is not necessarily shared by lawmakers in the European Parliament, as the EU prepares to legislate on the matter.
Brexit 11-09-2012

Independent Scots may lose EU citizenship

Scottish people could lose European Union citizenship if the region wins independence from the United Kingdom, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has suggested.