Joanna Impey, journalist at Deutsche Welle and a Robert Bosch Foundation-EURACTIV Journalism Fellow

EU policymakers fret about US election, quietly support Obama

A change of face at the White House would clearly have an impact on transatlantic relations, according to EU policymakers in Brussels contacted by EURACTIV. Although the European Union is closely watching the US presidential campaign, politicians are reluctant to take sides.
Brexit 19-10-2012

Cameron: ‘The plates of Europe are moving’

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s rhetoric at the EU summit differed from that of other leaders, using the opportunity to reiterate that Britain wants to seek a "fresh settlement" with Europe.
Brexit 12-10-2012

UK should ‘make up its mind’ on Europe

Over the past few days, the anti-European rhetoric coming from the British government has been increasing. But what effect does such talk have on Britain's standing in the EU?
Global Europe 02-10-2012

Experts say EU needs to tread carefully over Arab World

Ahead of today's visit of Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali to Brussels, experts warn that Europe must strike a balance in its efforts to support democratic change in the Middle East and North Africa.
Global Europe 14-09-2012

Americans turn to Europe, downgrading China: Survey

Fifty five percent of Americans believe Europe is more important to their national interests than China or the rest of Asia, according to the latest German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) transatlantic trends survey, released yesterday (13 September).