Krzysztof Kokoszczy?ski

EU Elections 2014 03-09-2014

Profile: Donald Tusk’s journey to the top

EU leaders elected Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on 30 August to be the next President of the European Council.  EURACTIV Poland recounts his long journey from a historian and a private entrepreneur in Communist Poland, to the founder of the Civic Platform party, and one of the leaders of the European Union.
EU Elections 2014 28-08-2014

Poland wants economic portfolio, will support Georgieva to replace Ashton

Polish Foreign Minister Rados?aw Sikorski is among the official contenders for the post of High Representative. Yet the reality is more complicated. Poland is in fact interested in obtaining an economic portfolio. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Languages & Culture 13-06-2014

Poland debates abortion

Abortion is illegal in Poland, except in cases when pregnancy is considered a health risk, or is a consequence of a confirmed criminal act. Recent cases, however, have heightened public debate about these restrictions. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Donald Tusk and Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski
EU Elections 2014 27-05-2014

EU vote keeps Poland on the right

Thirty-eight of Poland’s 51 seats in the European Parliament will go to the right side of the political spectrum, equally split between pro-EU and Eurosceptic forces. Less than a quarter of voters participated in the European elections. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Weronika Marczuk, a Polish-Ukrainian celebrity
EU Elections 2014 14-04-2014

Ukraine looms large in Polish electoral campaign

Six weeks before the European elections, the electoral campaign in Poland is growing increasingly tense. In addition to usual attacks on their rivals, issues of security and energy have started to play an important role for the country's parties. EURACTIV Poland reports.