Samuel Doveri Vesterbye

Public Affairs 12-04-2013

Citizens’ initiatives flounder one year after launch

The European Citizens’ Initiative is struggling to gain momentum a year after being launched, bogged down by technical and bureaucratic hurdles that have prevented a single petition from meeting all the requirements, civic activists say.

Graft costs EU states €323 billion, ‘three times’ earlier estimates

Corruption is costing EU countries €323 billion annually, says a new report, defying Europe's image as a global front-runner in the fight against graft.
Europe's East 02-04-2013

EU’s neighbourhood policy becoming more political, say experts

The European Neighbourhood Policy is becoming more  "political", experts have told EURACTIV, citing the growing role of Catherine Ashton's External Action Service (EEAS) in Europe’s fragmented eastern neighbourhood.
Euro & Finance 21-03-2013

Officials grilled over Cyprus bailout fiasco

Leading MEPs confronted European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and Commission Vice President Maroš Šef?ovi? yesterday (20 March), threatening to initiate a Parliamentary inquiry into the failed Cyprus bailout.
Development Policy 14-03-2013

Parliament evaluates development aid cuts at €10 billion

The European Parliament Development committee regretted the cuts to the EU's 2014-2020 budget, estimating them at  €10 billion, but admitted that much bigger cuts had been anticipated.

Gender quotas: Bad for business or a ‘necessary evil’?

As Europe marks International Women's Day, politicians remain divided over a European Commission proposal to impose a 40% quota for women sitting on company boards.
Elections 01-03-2013

Italian Five Star MP: EU is ‘unsustainable’ in its current form

INTERVIEW / A newly-elected parliamentarian for the Italian Five Star Movement (5SM), led by former comic Beppe Grillo, told EURACTIV that the EU suffered from serious structural flaws, which are "unsustainable" in the long run. The party wants to open a debate on Italy's euro membership.
Elections 28-02-2013

Italy in stalemate as Grillo refuses coalition

Beppe Grillo, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, ruled out a coalition yesterday (27 February) with the Italian centre-left, led by Pier Luigi Bersani. The move comes days after Bersani rejected Silvio Berlusconi’s plea to form a grand coalition, leaving Italy with a political impasse.
Elections 26-02-2013

Italy set for ‘coalition gridlock’ and ‘instability’ after election

The Italian election results point towards further instability and coalition gridlock as Pier Luigi Bersani and Silvio Berlusconi failed to clinch a majority in either legislative chamber. The 5-Star Movement, led by Beppe Grillo, emerged as the strongest party.
Energy 21-02-2013

Study claims solar panel tariffs could trigger 242,000 job losses

A new study for the Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy (AFASE) says that EU tariffs on solar panels from China could lead to 242,000 European job losses in the next three years.
Elections 20-02-2013

MEPs: Monti’s policies have fuelled euroscepticism in Italian election

Left-wing Italian lawmakers in the European Parliament are divided over the legacy of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti ahead of a key election on 24-25 February that is marked by rising euroscepticism.
Enlargement 14-02-2013

Eastern Partnership talks end with €20 million deal for Georgia

Countries on the EU's eastern border have registered some progress in ongoing talks on visa-free travel to Europe, with Georgia winning a new €20 million EU assistance and reform package.
Global Europe 07-02-2013

Turkey: EU political benchmarks ‘were never given to us’

EXCLUSIVE / The European Union has never sent Turkey the required benchmarks to reform its justice system, making the country's EU accession process impossible to complete, according to a high-level official in Ankara who spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.