Sarantis Michalopoulos, EURACTIV Greece

Charis Theocharis, Greece’s former highest official in charge of public revenues [Photo: Theocharis's office]]
Euro & Finance 06-06-2014

EU ‘seriously concerned’ about Greek taxman’s sudden resignation

In an unexpected move, the highest official in charge of cracking down on tax evasion in Greece, Haris Theocharis, announced his resignation yesterday (5 June), invoking “personal reasons."
EU Elections 2014 23-05-2014

Marine Le Pen and Golden Dawn ‘flirting’

A post EU-election alliance between the French far-right National Front and the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is not entirely ruled out. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Greek soldiers Athens, undated.[Shutterstock]
EU Elections 2014 17-02-2014

Greek politicians bicker over plans for direct election of MEPs

In a sudden move, the Greek coalition government decided to change the rules for the upcoming European elections, abolishing the existing party list system and replacing it with the direct election of MEPs, triggering anger from opposition parties, EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 12-02-2014

Greek minister slams Troika, says surplus will be ‘big surprise’

Greek finance minister Yannis Stournaras attacked the Troika for its austerity prescriptions, saying a primary budget surplus will be announced soon and will be much larger than expected, EURACTIV Greece reports.
Euro & Finance 04-02-2014

Athens visit exposes divisions among EU Troika investigators

A two-day investigation by the European Parliament into the Troika’s handling of the Greek debt crisis ended last week in a clash with the Greek leftist opposition Syriza party, exposing divisions within the EU team, EURACTIV Greece reports.
EU Elections 2014 16-12-2013

Bail-in and stance on Turkey fuel euroscepticism in Cyprus

The bank deposits haircut and the EU’s ambiguous position on Turkey are to blame for the growing euroscepticism in Cyprus, according to Greek Cypriot MEPs who spoke to EURACTIV Greece in Nicosia.
Elections 04-10-2013

Golden Dawn case opens up Pandora’s box in Greek politics

The handling of the case against Greek far-right party the Golden Dawn has divided the coalition government and triggered a war of words between the centre-right New Democracy and the left-wing opposition party Syriza. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Enlargement 02-10-2013

Skopje politicians bicker over Macedonian name dispute

The government in Skopje reacted strongly to statements made by Radmila Šekerinska, vice president of the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia in which she said that the authorities of her country and Greece are equally to blame for the name dispute dividing the two neighbours. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 26-08-2013

Talk of new bailout hardens Greek opposition

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Greek leftist Syriza party, said talk of a possible third bailout for Athens was a signal that the government had failed and that new elections were needed, EURACTIV Greece reports.

Germany says ‘no’ to a second Greek haircut, for now

A resounding “no” to World War II compensations and a second "haircut" to shave off parts of Greece's debt mountain marked the visit of the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble yesterday (18 July) in Athens. EURACTIV Greece reports. 
Languages & Culture 14-06-2013

Closure of Greek public TV could jeopardise Greek coalition

The sudden closure of the Greek public broadcaster ERT has shattered the cohesion of the coalition government, with some political observers saying it could force early elections in the debt-ridden nation. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 24-05-2013

Anti-racism bill puts Greek coalition to the test

Greece's coalition government is divided over a draft law introduced by Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis, which aims to combat the increasing racist attacks in the debt-ridden nation. EURACTIV Greece reports. 
Elections 12-04-2013

European Socialist leader urges Greek left parties to cooperate

Greece's Socialist party needs to cooperate with the members of the leftist Syriza coaltion for the creation of a future alliance, said Hannes Swoboda, leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Greece reports.