Sarantis Michalopoulos

Agrifood 01-09-2014

Commission silent over Turkey’s hopes to profit from Russian food ban

At least publicly, the Commission has kept silent over Turkey’s statements that it should profit from the Russian embargo on imported Western food. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Agrifood 11-08-2014

Greece accuses Turkey of exploiting Russian EU food ban

A Turkish decision to “fill the gap” created by Russia’s ban on EU food exports has provoked strong words from Athens, which blames Ankara for participating à la carte in European policy. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Euro & Finance 14-04-2014

It’s time for European investment in Greece, says German industry

After Greece's successful return to the bond market last week, the time has come for European investment in the debt-ridden country, according to the Federation of German Industries. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Stavros Theodorakis
Elections 14-04-2014

New party shakes Greek political scene

A newly established pro-European party intends to change the political balance in Greece ahead of EU elections in May. The new party, Potami (The River), has not decided yet to which European political family it will be affiliated, triggering tensions on the center-left. EURACTIV Greece reports.