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London protests

UK anti-TTIP protests to focus on NHS privatisation

British trade unions and activists are launching a nationwide campaign to raise awareness against the “dangers” of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) for the public health sector.
maternity leave

Draft EU law on maternity leave to be scrapped as ‘red tape’

The European Commission could kill a stalled EU directive on maternity leave under the pretext of "good legislative management”, sending alarm bells ringing among women’s rights groups.
Tobacco lobby
Health 07-07-2014

EU Commission back under the spotlight over tobacco lobbying

Almost two years after the 'Dalligate' scandal, MEPs and transparency campaigners are criticising the European Commission for dragging its feet in implementing WHO transparency rules regulating contacts between policymakers and the tobacco industry.
Public Affairs 03-07-2014

Commission’s alleged secret contacts with the tobacco industry under EU investigation

The European Ombudsman has launched an investigation into allegations that the European Commission has held undisclosed meetings with the tobacco industry, almost two years after the former health commissioner John Dalli was forced to resign over the same reasons.
Euro & Finance 27-06-2014

Study: EU countries ‘not interested’ in the Commission’s economic recommendations

Only 18% of the European Commission’s recommendations for economic reforms, aimed at paving the way to economic recovery, are actually implemented by the member states, according to a new study by the European Parliament.
EU Elections 2014 26-06-2014

Centre-left backs Juncker as ‘man of compromise’

The "narrow victory" of the European People's Party (EPP) at the May EU elections make Jean-Claude Juncker the natural candidate for the European Commissionaccording to socialists who gathered in Brussels this week.
Low-skilled workers

Recession hit low-skilled workers hardest, data shows

Employment and recruitment activity in the European Union significantly decreased during the economic crisis (2008-2012), leaving low-skilled workers overtaken by medium-skilled ones, while flexible job contracts mushroomed, a fresh report from the European Commission showed.
Energy 24-06-2014

Unveiled: Energy Corruption in the Balkans

From Croatia to Montenegro, shady energy deals plague the region’s economy, according to a report to be published today (24 June) during the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Week.
Clean Clothes Campaign

Textile workers paid lower in Eastern Europe than in China, report finds

An investigation by the Clean Clothes Campaign in ten eastern EU member states, including Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia, showed that working conditions are sometimes worse than in China and Indonesia, busting myths about the ‘Made in Europe’ label.
Brian Hayes MEP (IR, EPP) in his first day at the European Parliament. At 44, he will not be part of the new EU40 group [Photo © European Union 2014 - European Parliament]
EU Elections 2014 10-06-2014

Newly elected young MEPs courted from all sides

91 MEPs under the age of 40 were elected to the European Parliament at the May EU elections. Although their number is slightly lower than during the previous legislature, young MEPs “would still represent the third largest political group in the European Parliament,” according to Adam Mouchtar, managing director of the EU40 project.
Future EU 05-06-2014

Left parties win gender parity contest in new EU Parliament

With only a 1.25% increase in the number of women MEPs in the new European Parliament compared to the previous legislature, women's associations warn that it will take “half a century to reach gender parity at this pace”.
Ljubljana University

Slovenian academia slams Commission for “neoliberal pressure” over education

Slovenian educators and students are ringing the alarm, after the Commission initiated a legal case against the country’s education legislation, which ‘could undermine education quality’ and ‘set a dangerous precedent in the light of EU-US trade deal negotiations.

‘Social Europe’ to dominate post-electoral talks

Obviously disappointed by the results but still feisty, Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat candidate for the European Commission Presidency, made it clear to his main opponent, Christian Democrat Jean-Claude Juncker, that the battle "has only just begun".
Protests at the European Business Summit

Hundreds of protesters arrested in Brussels as business leaders debate ‘maintaining citizen’s trust’

SPECIAL REPORT / 240 people were arrested on Thursday (15 May) around the European Business Summit venue in Brussels during non-violent protests organised by trade unions and citizens’ groups.
Thomas Piketty
Future EU 14-05-2014

Piketty: Electing the EU Commission president is ‘not enough’

EXCLUSIVE/ In an interview with EURACTIV, "rock star economist" Thomas Piketty argued for a deep institutional reform of the European Union that would show citizens that Europe is working for social justice.

EU prepares first ‘social monitoring’ report

As the European Commission prepares to issue its first-ever social policy recommendations in the framework of the strengthened European Semester of economic policy coordination, there are lingering questions as to what the whole process will actually achieve, with critics branding it a "communications exercise".

UK reprimanded over ‘zero-hour’ contracts

Zero-hour contracts are breaking new records, the British Office for National Statistics revealed last week, prompting calls by the European Commission to offer better social protections for those covered by the controversial employment agreement.

Boosting e-skills in European higher education requires political will at national level

With 25% of adults in the European Union lacking the necessary digital skills to effectively use information and communication technologies, according to a report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published in autumn 2013, the European Commission is facing various challenges in order to bridge the competitive gap with the rest of the world.

Belgian minister: Crisis is an opportunity to ‘rethink’ work

As the EU slowly emerges from the economic crisis, the European Commission is increasingly focusing on the impact the recession has caused to workers across the bloc, a situation for which the Belgian labour minister might “have some answers”.

Russian steel firm threatens EU with job losses over sanctions

Russian steel group NLMK is threatening to halt production in western Europe if the EU decides to implement economic sanctions against Moscow, according to reports in the Belgian press.
South Stream pipe (Photo: Gazprom)
Energy 18-04-2014

Socialists reject Russian motion over South Stream

A non-binding resolution denouncing Russian pressure on Eastern European countries failed to receive the support of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament, out of fear it might derail a a Gazprom-favoured project which Bulgaria calls "strategic"."
Transport 14-04-2014

Parliament votes to harmonise electric cars in Europe

The European Parliament is set to approve new EU laws aimed at setting up infrastructure for alternative fuels in the EU, a move aimed at boosting electric vehicles and reducing Europe’s dependence on imported oil, MEPs said ahead of the plenary vote, which takes place today (15 April). EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
Universal Basic Income

EU “has the power” to put in place a universal basic income

From Martin Luther King to Erich Fromm, the universal – or unconditional – basic income (UBI) has always had its supporters. The idea is not new. But the economic crisis has brought it back to the forefront “as a solution” to the most pressing issues facing the EU today.
EU Elections 2014 08-04-2014

Centre-right youth wants to change EU decision-making rules

A Brussels' debate on the involvement of young people in EU politics turned sour for a while when Commissioner László Andor and the representative of the European People's Party (EPP) youth chapter clashed over the functioning of the union and why the 28-country bloc is unattractive to young voters.