Let’s meet Cohesion Policy: a journey through regions’ challenges and success stories

In the belief that communication should focus on the recipient (as opposed to the sender) we shall create content about the tangible benefits and impact on people’s lives, using storytelling and a colloquial, engaging style and method.

EURACTIV.com, The Media Network for Europe, together with its partners and sub-contractors will develop a total of 95 diverse and complementary activities in 6 countries (Poland, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania) and 7 different languages. These include editorial coverage, Special Reports, events, social media promotion, videos and podcasts – the latter in cooperation with Euranet Foundation.

The Specific Objectives mirror the Call Objectives as well as reinforce one another.

Specific communication objective 1

Highlight the impact of the Cohesion Policy by demonstrating its role in improving the citizens´ quality of life in 3 key areas: the environment and energy transition, the economy development and social inclusion. (Linked to Call Objective 1)

Specific communication objective 2

Facilitate dialogue and communication channels by using both bottom up and top down approaches at multi-governance level. (Linked to Call Objective 3)

Specific communication objective 3

Raise awareness on the benefits of the Cohesion Policy by enhancing the visibility of success stories. (Linked to Call Objectives 1 and 2)

Cohesion policy will be treated in a variety of ways thanks to three “permeable” topic areas which are foremost in the citizens’ minds:

  1. Economic Development and Innovation
  2. Environment and Climate Change

3    Social Inclusion; including education, health and integration

The overall impact of the project is to increase awareness of the Cohesion policy, via increased editorial coverage and various media as well as deploy different, complementary activities directed at both stakeholders and citizens.

The consortium

The project is made up of media partners across Europe, including EURACTIV Media Network (as coordinator with offices in Brussels, Berlin and Paris), Europejskie Media (EURACTIV Poland), Asociatia Digital Bridge (EURACTIV Romania), and HANZA Media (EURACTIV Croatia). Free Media Bulgaria (EURACTIV Bulgaria) and Euranet Foundation also support the project.

The duration

The project started on the 01/07/2020 and will be carried out over a period of 12 months.

Find out more about activities linked to this project here.

Disclaimer: “This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”.

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