LIFE TACKLE: Teaming up for A Conscious Kick for the Legacy of Environment


Action co-financed by the European Union. More information on the TACKLE website


The world of Football is very actively promoting several aspects related to sustainability, such as anti-discrimination and accessibility/disability. However, environmental issues such as waste management, mobility, lightening, fans environmental awareness and environmental governance system of football associations and clubs are today offering strong improvement margins and opportunities.

To respond to this challenge, the Institute of Management of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna has been awarded, together with UEFA and additional 7 international partners, a new EU project: TACKLE (Teaming up for a conscious kick for the Legacy of Environment), co-funded by the LIFE Environmental Governance and Information programme of the European Commission. EURACTIV is the main communication partner.

The project, implemented between 2018 and 2021, will increase awareness of environmental management in football stadiums in order to reduce waste during football events and tackle other environmental issues linked to such events, including energy consumption and transportation. To achieve this, national football associations will be involved together with their supporters.


Main objectives and activities

TACKLE aims at improving the environmental management of football matches and the overall level of awareness and attention toward environmental issues in the football sector, engaging its most relevant stakeholders – National Football Associations, Football Clubs, Stadiums managers and Supporters.

Activities will be implemented during the whole event cycle. Best practices on environmental management will be collected and tested in different stadiums across Europe and information exchanged among national football associations to guide their implementation. A set of strategies and tools will therefore be developed to increase the competence and awareness of the involved partners.

Communication activities play a central role in this project as they ensure the involvement of football fans and the replication of the project results. Communication will be carried out through public conferences, workshops, publications, videos, social media activity and editorial coverage.


Countries and partners involved

The consortium includes a balanced mix of national football associations, local authorities, universities and waste management companies. The main partners are:

  • Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy)
  • Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource management, ACR+ (Belgium)
  • AMIU Genova S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Intermunicipal Waster Management of Greater Porto (Portugal)
  • Italian National Football Association (Italy)
  • Romanian National Football Association (Romania)
  • Swedish National Football Association (Sweden)


Additionally, the project has received letters of support from UEFA and the national football associations of Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Russia and the Netherlands.

The project will be implemented in more than 6 countries as more national football associations will implement the guidelines developed by LIFE TACKLE as the project proceeds. Strong contacts with EURO 2020 organizers will be maintained to share with them the LIFE TACKLE results and help them better manage waste during the European Championship.



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