• What goes around comes around: Recycling and climate change

    Trade & Society 26-04-2011

    Recycling has become a central part of the EU's climate change strategy by helping the bloc to tackle the nearly three billion tonnes of waste produced by Europe annually, much of which enters the atmosphere in the form of CO2 and methane emissions from landfill sites and incineration plants.

  • The battle for EU consumer rights

    Health 14-04-2011

    The EU's new Consumer Rights Directive is designed to drag consumer rights legislation into the 21st Century by creating legal certainty for businesses and better protecting online shoppers in particular. But EU policymakers are currently at loggerheads over the scope of the draft law. 

  • The EU’s role in global governance

    Global Europe 04-04-2011

    A growing number of international institutions and agreements are attempting to tackle the world's major challenges: economic, environmental or security. What is the EU's role in this emerging world order?

  • Aviation biofuels: A pie in the sky?

    Special Report | Transport 14-03-2011

    Airlines have committed to ramping up their use of biofuels in the belief that they can contribute to achieving the sector's pledges on carbon-neutral growth. For 2050, the EU foresees 40% use of "sustainable low carbon fuels" in aviation.

  • Who runs EU energy policies?

    Special Report | Public Affairs 03-03-2011

    The EU is putting in place an ambitious energy policy in a bid to improve security of supplies and achieve bold CO2 reduction targets. But how does the EU decision-making process function on energy-related issues? And what is the role of the industry sector and interest groups?

  • Rio+20: Dancing to the tune of the green economy

    Special Report | Sustainable Development 24-02-2011

    The Rio Earth Summit in May 2012 will try to set a global vision on greening the economy, with France leading European calls to establish a brand new World Environmental Organisation (WEO).

  • Cloud computing: A legal maze for Europe

    Special Report | Innovation & Industry 11-02-2011

    The migration of computing into a cloud of massive data centres spread all over the world is giving regulators a headache as they find themselves on the back foot of an industry-driven trend.

  • The European Citizens’ Initiative

    Public Affairs 10-02-2011

    The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is the EU's foremost instrument of direct democracy and the first of its kind in a transnational context. Introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, will be used from 1 April 2012.

  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

    Economy & Jobs 08-02-2011

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a European Union pilot programme that pays new entrepreneurs to learn from experienced businesspeople in other member states. The European Commission wants to make it permanent, with a lot more financial fire-power, to boost cross-border trade.

  • EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

    Regional Policy 01-02-2011

    The cohesion policy (or regional policy) of the European Union provides a framework for financing a wide range of projects and investments with the aim of encouraging economic growth in EU member states and their regions. The policy is reviewed by the EU institutions once every seven years. The next round of programmes is to be launched in 2014.

  • Digital agenda: Connecting the EU

    Innovation & Industry 24-12-2010

    High-speed Internet for all - including on mobile phones - and lower consumer prices are the main highlights of the European Commission's digital agenda, a five-year plan to ensure higher connectivity for EU citizens and business.

  • The Hungarian EU Presidency [Archived]

    EU Priorities 2020 21-12-2010

    Budget talks, farm reform and economic governance top the agenda of Hungary's EU presidency, but the country's six-month stint at the bloc's helm has been overshadowed by criticism of a controversial media law adopted by Budapest.

  • Water efficiency: Saving the blue gold

    Special Report | Sustainable Development 15-12-2010

    The European Commission is planning measures to rein in water use, with a particular focus on savings in agriculture, buildings and industrial processes.

  • EU-Switzerland relations

    Global Europe 10-12-2010

    Switzerland is the third largest economic partner of the EU, after the USA and China. Switzerland is able to participate in the EU's single market thanks to a series of bilateral agreements. This approach suits the Swiss confederation, but its complexity has become problematic for the EU and attempts are now under way to simplify the relationship.

  • Services of General Interest in the EU

    Sustainable Development 01-12-2010

    Water, energy, health, telecoms and transport are among the most widely-known examples of services that public authorities consider of general interest and subject to specific public service obligations. 

  • Environmental liability: Applying the ‘polluter pays’ principle

    Climate change 23-11-2010

    Successive man-made disasters have seen the EU adopt rules to enforce the 'polluter pays principle' on companies responsible for major environmental damage. 

  • Medicines in emerging markets

    Health 05-11-2010

    Fast-growing economies such as China and India could provide lucrative new markets for Europe's pharmaceutical industry, but emerging nations are investing heavily in their own medicines sector and look set to challenge Western dominance of the healthcare market.

  • Europe’s southern gas corridor: The great pipeline race

    Med & South 11-10-2010

    Several pipeline projects are competing with one another to bring to life the southern gas corridor – a vague blueprint to supply Europe with gas from the Caspian and the Middle East. EURACTIV takes a look at the various European initiatives, including their common competitor: Russia's South Stream project.

  • Consumers: Buying green?

    Special Report | Health 07-10-2010

    Environmentally-friendly goods are often overpriced for many consumers – and as the economic crisis continues to bite, policymakers are mulling tax incentives to make green shopping more affordable.

  • The global battle to rule the Internet

    Digital 03-10-2010

    Governments, industry and rights campaigners are engaged in a global battle to shape the Internet as formal and informal policies emerge to assert control over an increasingly powerful media.

  • Energy efficiency: The EU’s new action plan

    Energy 01-09-2010

    The European Union has proposed new energy efficiency measures to make good on its pledge to combat climate change and reduce its dependency on imported oil and gas.

  • Health Literacy: skills for living

    Special Report | Health 23-08-2010

    The first half of 2013 will witness the Council and Parliament finalising the Commission's new proposals for updating the directive on information to patients on medicines. The new regime that this ushers in will aim to tackle almost half of Europe's patients, who are 'health illiterates'.

  • Policing the Internet?

    Digital 19-08-2010

    Policymakers worldwide are at loggerheads over how to crack down on cyber-criminals, unlawful content and illegal downloading. But laws have been slow to arrive as legislators try to reconcile fundamental rights and Internet security.

  • Regions fighting climate change

    Regional Policy 17-08-2010

    Led by cities, EU regions are playing a frontline role in the fight against climate change as they make key investment decisions regarding the new generation of clean energy and transport projects.