Economy & Jobs 26-02-2021

Don’t forget the 95% – why Europe needs to seize opportunities of labour migration

Migrant workers play a crucial role in the functioning of our society. It is time the EU shifted its narrative and policy approach from border management and control to investing in regular channels for migration, writes Damian Boeselager.
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Waste-to-Energy: Beauty or the Beast?

With its campaign ‘The Beauty in the Beast’, ESWET aims to debunk old myths about Waste-to-Energy in Europe and launch a public debate on the sustainable options for the integrated European waste treatment.

The Brief, powered by APPLIA – Protect innovation, not greed

Emmanuel Macron was the first EU leader to pledge to offer surplus COVID vaccine supplies ahead of last week’s G7 summit and the French president got plenty of laudatory media coverage. However, neither Macron nor the UK’s Boris Johnson, who...
Electricity 25-02-2021

Real-life drama: lessons for Europe from a Texas tragedy

The unprecedented freeze in Texas that left over a million people without heating has been seized upon for political gain, but there are lessons that Europe can learn from this, writes Michael Hogan.
Development Policy 25-02-2021

Scaling up vaccination to save lives worldwide

It is time for Europe to show real vaccination solidarity to ensure that COVID vaccines are available to the Global South and COVAX in the volumes required and at cost price, write Udo Bullmann and Conny Reuter.
Climate change 24-02-2021

The EU adaptation strategy is everybody’s cup of coffee 

The EU Adaptation Strategy presents not only priorities for action, but a vision of how adaptation to climate change should take place, writes Richard J. T. Klein.
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Politics 24-02-2021

The Future of Europe is a Europe of sovereign nations

The core task of the Union is to build a strong internal market that helps citizens live better and be prosperous.
Economy & Jobs 24-02-2021

EU and US should join hands to make global trading system sustainable

For four years, trade irritants mounted as we lived under the threat of a fully-fledged transatlantic trade war – never more than a late-night tweet away. A rare moment is here at last to rejuvenate the way global trade operates, writes Cathy Novelli.
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Cities & regions 24-02-2021

Why the future is local for the Eastern Partnership

After having interacted over the past decade, the European Union is now better placed to engage with Eastern Partnership states and to prepare the post-2020 partnership framework.  By the Presidents of the national associations of local governments Kakha Kaladze of...
Brexit 23-02-2021

The Brief, powered by APPLIA – The price of unfinished business

It would be something of an understatement to say that there have been a few teething problems in the first two months of the brave new EU-UK trading world. The stories of rotting fish, visa-less musicians and lorries turned away...
Stakeholder Opinion

EU Taxonomy must contribute to building the Green Deal on solid foundations

Decarbonising the building sector will make or break Europe’s Green Deal. Thankfully, renovations are enjoying some much-deserved limelight. But there is one very important detail which could slow down our hard-won progress, warns the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA).
Electric vehicles 23-02-2021

Plugging into the Green Deal: Europe needs charging infrastructure

It is vital to ensure that electrified vehicles have access to a sufficiently developed network of charging and re-fuelling infrastructure. This requires a pan-European effort with binding and measurable targets, writes Oliver Zipse.

Why the Commission is getting it wrong on climate number-crunching

The European Commission's cost-benefit analysis for its upcoming 'Fit for 55' package of green laws for 2030 is outdated, assuming an eye-watering 10% cost of capital for climate action, writes Brook Riley.
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Carbon capture: one technology for many routes to net-zero

Uniquely placed to cut emissions in many sectors − and enable greater use of renewables − carbon capture and storage (CCS) needs more political backing if we are to stand any chance of reaching net-zero emissions. Kenji Terasawa is the...
Global Europe 22-02-2021

The Brief, powered by APPLIA – Russian roulette

EU ministers are meeting today (22 February) to discuss sanctions ranging from putting individual people on a blacklist to the “full monty” of more economic sanctions.
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Economy & Jobs 22-02-2021

Young people in Europe’s post-COVID transition – enabling them to be the solution, not the problem

Most people have never experienced anything like the current Covid-19 pandemic, its effect on societies and economies. Young people have been particularly hard-hit. Supporting them with quality education and sustainable jobs is essential, not only for this generation, but for...

Time for Europe to draw exit scenarios from the Energy Charter Treaty

If efforts to reform the Energy Charter Treaty do not bear fruit, Europe must urgently consider exiting the agreement, write Pascal Canfin and Anna Cavazzini.

A new, climate-innovation led industrial strategy for Europe

Europe is an undisputed global leader in clean technologies like offshore wind. But to ensure European companies and workers can compete in a global economy that will be increasingly fuelled by climate innovations, much more needs to be done, argue Peter Sweatman and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin.
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Net positive: charging-up Europe’s batteries

As Europe charts a green recovery, industries capable of delivering sustainable growth must be nurtured. European battery manufacturers play an important role here.
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Decarbonising Food – Making the case for Green Fertilizers

The fertilizer industry has identified the most promising technologies for making green fertilizers. The challenge is to make the business case for decarbonised products. This can be achieved by driving down the cost and addressing technical challenges on the supply...
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Politics 21-02-2021

Alarming backsliding in press and media freedom in Europe

More than 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, media freedom is again under threat in several countries in Europe. Silencing journalists and media outlets, imposing taxes, harassment are but a few of the tools used by some European autocrats in their war against freedom of speech. We want to change this!
Brexit 19-02-2021

The Brief, powered by FACEBOOK – The horse and his cart of euros

The €750 billion Eurobond to pay for the bloc’s recovery from the COVID pandemic “will pave the way for a treasury and common EU taxation”, a cross-party group of EU lawmakers have argued on these pages this week. It’s a...
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Digital 19-02-2021

Privacy: emerging from the pandemic

In a year when COVID-19 has stress-tested privacy protections and where mutual recognition of global data protection regimes has been called into doubt, our rights and regulations have ultimately remained resilient. The question is whether and how we rebuild on those foundations.
Elections 19-02-2021

Why Fidesz faces a tight race in 2022

At present, it is impossible to predict with confidence who will be the winner of the Hungarian parliamentary elections in 2022, writes Szabolcs Dull.