Global Europe 26-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — Fortress Europe

The mood on migration in Europe has changed, perhaps decisively. Whether at Greece’s sea border in the Aegean, the Polish frontier with Belarus, or the Channel, barriers are going up, physical or otherwise, and the prevailing mood among politicians, with strong public support, is to keep people out.
Energy 26-11-2021

Tackling high energy prices and fighting energy poverty – a view from Poland

Citizens across Europe are currently struggling with the challenge of skyrocketing energy prices. Over the last year, the prices of coal have risen nearly three times, the prices of natural gas in European markets have risen even ten times in this period.
Digital & Media 25-11-2021

Narrowing Data Protection’s Enforcement Gap

Democratic governments around the world have decided that these data protection regulatory regimes are here to stay. Societies must now ensure that these laws lead to meaningful improvements on the ground.

Global Europe 25-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — Balkan low-cost

Can you imagine such a tempting offer: A shopping excursion to Istanbul, leaving from North Macedonia by bus, spending three nights in a four-star hotel at the Bosporus and back, total cost €79? With an option for a 5-star hotel, bringing it to €85??

Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe are getting serious about climate action

Businesses from Central and Eastern Europe are ready to embark on the journey to climate neutrality. If Central and Eastern European governments don’t want their economies to fall behind, they need to start helping their corporate leaders to go green. The EU’s ’Fit for 55’ package is an opportunity to do so, argues Rebekka Popp.
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Politics 25-11-2021

Campus on Digital Freedom in Rome

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party has put together the opportunity for  young people to learn about the digital world for a reasonable  participation fee.
Energy 25-11-2021

A piecemeal approach on energy standards for buildings won’t work

Decarbonising Europe’s building stock requires robust Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), not a piecemeal approach that fails to regulate buildings that are ripe for renovation projects, writes Adrian Joyce.
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Economy & Jobs 25-11-2021

Brave New World of Work?

Justin Nogarede is Digital Policy Adviser at FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies). Introduction With the Covid-19 pandemic, the shift to digital tools and algorithmic systems at the workplace has accelerated. While some of this is obviously helpful – such...
Energy 25-11-2021

The flawed black box deciding Europe’s energy infrastructure

The fifth list of electricity and gas ‘Projects of Common Interest’ shows that policy inconsistency and the influence of vested commercial interests pervade their selection, writes Elisabeth Cremona.
Digital & Media 24-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — Who fears the European Commission?

This week saw significant progress in Brussels’ attempt to regulate the internet economy, as the landmark proposals for the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA) advanced in their legislative processes. Surprisingly, with very little noise from the 'Big Tech'.
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Future EU 24-11-2021

Let’s make the Conference too big to ignore

Europeans must mobilise in demanding a better EU as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). However, a more united and democratic Union is not in everyone’s interest, and some political actors are consistently striving to make the consultation process meaningless.
Economy & Jobs 24-11-2021

Living wages hang in the balance as MEPs try to derail Directive

The European Parliament is set to adopt a text that would be a huge step towards delivering a living wage to millions across the EU – but the directive’s future is now in question as a group of Nordic MEPs try to stop it in its tracks, writes Alva Finn.
Elections 23-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — The Cavaliere’s Gambit

Leading Italian politicians and their parties are getting ready for the election of the next head of state, a process that resembles a complex chess game where the piece delivering checkmate could, sometimes, be the one you least expect.
Enlargement 23-11-2021

Sanctions are now necessary to avert crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Union's failure to take a stronger stance against Bosnian Serb nationalist Milorad Dodik risks deepening the political crisis engulfing Bosnia and Herzegovina, write Tineke Strik and Dietmar Köster.

Stop the mining rush in protected nature

Last year, the World Bank indicated that production of graphite, lithium and cobalt must increase by more than 450% by 2050 to meet the demand for energy storage technologies. Is the energy transition in danger? Do we have to exploit resources massively in Europe to avoid becoming dependent on imports? Green MEPs have an alternative plan.
Energy 23-11-2021

Another list of priority gas projects won’t help the EU achieve fossil free energy

Europe's continued support for fossil fuels, like in the 5th projects of common interest (PCI) list, risks damaging the environment, but decision-makers could be about to make the same mistake in negotiations on the rules for supporting cross-border energy infrastructure, argue Frida Kieninger and Esther Bollendorff.

Brexit still an Issue for Europe whilst Britain’s border remains in Ireland

One important issue that the Conference on the Future of Europe needs to deal with is the relationship of the EU with the rest of the world. For me, that ‘rest of the world’ begins a few kilometres from my...
Enlargement 22-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — Bulgarian elections, Macedonia veto

In Skopje, there is hope that the elections in neighbouring Bulgaria will unlock the country’s veto on the start of North Macedonia's EU accession negotiations before the end of the year. This Brief is an educated guess at whether such a scenario - which would be greatly beneficial to the volatile Western Balkans - could materialise.
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Deep Renovation: The New Normal

Some 50 million Europeans live in energy poverty. Even before recent record highs for energy prices shook Europe, politicians and citizens spent a lot of time thinking about renovating buildings

A Helsinki spirit? The EU should pay attention to Finland’s initiative

The European Union has multiple reasons for embracing the Helsinki Spirit initiative as it would complement the ongoing internal EU-level reflection processes on the bloc's future and strengthen its ability to implement its multilateralism strategy, write Niklas Nováky and Henri Vanhanen.
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Health 22-11-2021

The review of the general pharmaceutical legislation: an opportunity that should not be missed?

This year, the end of December will not only mark the Holiday rush - at least for the healthcare policy specialists. Instead of rushing to the Christmas markets, most of them will be busy finalising their contributions to the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation.
Health 19-11-2021

The Brief, powered by Facebook — One continent, two pandemics

Perhaps it was just too good to be true. After a few months of relative normality, trips to the cinema, beers with friends and eating out, we are back to restrictions. In Austria’s case, a full lockdown.
Global Europe 19-11-2021

The Matosinhos Manifesto: Accelerating the use of space in Europe

The European Space Agency has taken a giant leap in launching the Matoshinhos Manifesto that will accelerate the use of space in Europe and tackle the urgent and unprecedented challenges faced by Europe and its citizens. Today, as a resolution, it was unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers, ushering in what it is hoped will be a new era for exploration and discovery.