• How data can unlock Europe’s renovation revolution

    Energy 13-10-2020

    By starting local and scaling up, data can be the greatest ally of Europe's upcoming renovation wave, writes Cristina Gamboda.

  • The Brief, powered by logos – Have ID, can’t travel

    Justice & Home Affairs 12-10-2020

    “My policy is to be able to take a ticket at Victoria station and go anywhere I damn well please!” So said Britain’s post-war Foreign Secretary Ernie Bevin in 1951. Bevin, though not a Europhile, might well have been talking about freedom of movement across Europe, a cherished freedom currently on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • For a European Semester that addresses inequalities

    Economy & Jobs 12-10-2020

    The European Semester will play a key role in the implementation of the National Recovery Plans, to be submitted by mid-October. The reform of the Semester process was already in the pipeline but it is now essential to raise expectations and transform this coordination tool into a useful instrument able to grasp the changes affecting vital aspects of our daily life: health, education and work, writes Maria João Rodrigues and others.

  • The importance of engaging with Africa

    EU-Africa 12-10-2020

    To paraphrase the words of the American political activist Ralph Nader – if you're not turned on to Africa, Africa will turn on you. Udo Bullmann is the S&D group Coordinator on the European Parliament's Development Committee. Carlos Zorrinho is an S&D …

  • Fear and loathing vs raw energy: Can Trump hold on?

    Global Europe 12-10-2020

    Is the US election a done deal? Not yet, says Dick Roche, and explains why it is too early to consider that Donald Trump will necessarily lose.

  • We need to talk about the future of Europe

    Future EU 12-10-2020

    Our online world lends itself well to a conversation with citizens about the future of Europe. And yet, European leaders have so far failed to reach agreement, even on who should chair the long promised Conference on the Future of Europe, writes Roger Casale.

  • The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – The triumph of the jargon

    Future EU 09-10-2020

    Last night the European Parliament delegation walked out of talks on the EU budget. Although the main dispute is over MEPs’ demands for extra cash for some projects, lawmakers and some EU governments also insist that there must be a strong link between the rule of law and the disbursement of EU funds.

  • Why the EU must review its Eastern Partnership strategy

    Europe's East 09-10-2020

    The events in Nagorno-Karabakh and Belarus demonstrate that it's time for the EU to review the effectiveness of its Eastern Partnership, writes Urmas Paet.

  • Mr Weber, where did the European values go?

    Elections 09-10-2020

    Dear Mr. Weber, an ordinary Bulgarian citizen is writing to you, professing to believe in classic European values, as also upheld by the European People's Party - EPP. My name is Momchil Daskalov. My son translated this text.

  • Building for a new Europe

    Stakeholder Opinion | Energy & Environment 09-10-2020

    Buildings use more energy than anything else in the EU. Our building stock is simply not energy efficient.  Despite some national efforts, we are still struggling to drive renovation up to the level needed to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

  • The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Clear and infectious danger

    Climate change 08-10-2020

    Europeans tend to devote too much headspace to following US politics and not enough bandwidth to what is going on over on this side of the Atlantic. But this time around, it pays to keep an eye out, as this White House race has an existential element to it.

  • Better future for the Euro-Mediterranean region continues to inspire

    Politics 08-10-2020

    Twenty-five years ago, the Barcelona Process was launched in an effort to construct a zone of shared prosperity around the Euro-Mediterranean area. President of the Committee of the Regions Apostolos Tzitzikostas looks at the progress made and challenges left to overcome.