• EDPS on the future of privacy

    Digital & Media 15-10-2021

    We have asked the European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiorowski about its recent proposal to organise a conference to review the enforcement of GDPR, the EU privacy law.

  • Polexit, Kurz resignation and the ‘historic’ international tax regime

    Politics 14-10-2021

    This week our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on possible 'Polexit' and tensions with the EU following a Polish court's ruling that EU treaties were unconstitutional.

  • JRC report delay, 2022 agenda, water use

    Agrifood 08-10-2021

    This week, EURACTIV hears reactions from MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen and rapporteur Herbert Dorfmann to the news that the European Commission chose to delay on the publication of their controversial JRC report on the impacts of the Farm to Fork strategy.

  • Media freedom for the digital age

    Digital & Media 08-10-2021

    Digital technologies and the rise of online platforms have reshaped how we produce, share and consume news, but the concept of media freedom has seen comparatively little change.

  • The who’s who of the Pandora Papers and ministers discussing energy

    Politics 08-10-2021

    This week our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on the Pandora papers.

  • Google’s take on the DMA

    Digital & Media 01-10-2021

    After having heard the views of European tech companies on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), we have spoken to Adam Cohen, Google’s director of economic policy, to hear the perspective of what is likely to be labelled as a ‘gatekeeper’.

  • Energy prices spike and Poland is asked to protect human lives

    Energy & Environment 01-10-2021

    This week the Beyond the Byline podcast is focusing on the spike of energy prices, the Commission’s monitoring of the evolution of the electricity prices, and its attempt to come up with long-term fixes like investments in energy savings and renewables as the main answer at European level.

  • Organic day, impact assessment, UN food summit

    Agrifood 27-09-2021

    This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team explores the controversy surrounding the UN’s food systems summit with the help of IPES-Food’s Nick Jacobs and Attila Szocs of small farmers association European Coordination Via Campesina. The Commission gets in touch with its hippy side …

  • Germany’s digital prospects

    Digital & Media 24-09-2021

    German elections are eventually upon us. As the EU largest economy heads to the first polls of the post-Markel era, EURACTIV’s correspondent in Germany Oliver Noyan helps us decode the positions of the main German parties in relation to key digital issues.

  • Germans to decide on a future without Angela Merkel

    Politics 23-09-2021

    All eyes are on Berlin this week as Germans vote on a new government on Sunday (26 September). The final result is difficult to predict but the new government will be one without Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been in power for 16 years and will step down from politics altogether.

  • European tech on the DMA

    Digital & Media 17-09-2021

    Interview with Trivago CEO Axel Hefer and the Managing Director of Visual Meta Johannes Kotte on the perspective of European tech companies on the Digital Markets Act.

  • Antibiotic restrictions, Farm to Fork report, SOTEU

    Agrifood 17-09-2021

    This week, EURACTIV's agrifood team digs deeper into a controversial vote in the Parliament on the European Commission's new delegated act designed to tackle anti-microbial resistance. We talk about Parliament's preliminary approval of their report on the EU's flagship food policy, …