Celebrating 50 years of Airbus’ European manufacturing system

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On his first day as Airbus CEO, Guillaume Faury highlighted Airbus 50th anniversary as a chance to reflect on who we are and where we come from.

In the late 1960s, an ambition to challenge the existing monopoly in the aerospace sector inspired a new, simple yet bold idea: extensive industrial collaboration between several European countries. First between France and Germany, then with Spain and the United Kingdom. Airbus is a European project that has built its success on distributing its industrial organisation across Europe, sharing skills and encouraging mobility of employees in EU countries, with a constant appetite for innovation. Airbus stands today as a symbol of European cooperation – a unique feature deeply embedded in our company’s culture serving our competitiveness.

Taking advantage of the European single market, Airbus has been able to put in place an industrial organisation which makes it today a fully integrated and efficient European manufacturer in the field of aerospace and defence.

Explore more in detail Airbus’ industrial organization.

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