INFOGRAPHIC: EU agricultural emissions: On the table

In 2012, agriculture was responsible for over 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

Meat production is a significant factor. Producing 1 kg of beef generates 65 times more CO2 than producing 1 kg of potatoes.

During digestion and excretion, livestock also release methane, a gas 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

The EU is the second largest producer of meat in the world and Europeans eat over 86 kg of meat per person each year.

Experts say that if Europe were to cut its meat and dairy intake by half, net greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would decrease by 42%.

Changing consumption patterns is not currently on Europe’s agenda, but the European Commission is working on reducing the impact of agriculture on global warming.

30% of the CAP’s direct payments will go towards green farming practices that focus on biodiversity, water and soil quality and capturing carbon.

Sources: European Commission, European Environmental Agency, United Nations, Eurostat, Elsevier

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