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The European savoury snacks industry contribution to more Sustainable Food Systems

The European savoury snacks industry is determined to do its part to move towards more Sustainable Food Systems (SFS), building on the significant achievements of the recent years.

This poster illustrates the key steps and the main areas for actions, literally from farm to packet, building on the inspiring initiatives implemented by our members throughout their operations.

We believe that food systems should be sustainable, climate adapted, nutritious, and efficient whilst not losing sight of small-scale producers. This transition requires engagement and co-operation from all actors throughout the food supply chain and beyond, both individually and collectively, at national, regional and global level. There is a need for a holistic, fair, and coordinated approach.

This is the reason why we believe the new European Commission’s EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices has the potential to further stimulate broader engagement across the board and be a valuable tool in accelerating the transition towards SFS.

The European Snacks Association (ESA) has been involved in the development of the EU Code of Conduct since the beginning of the process and looks forward to joining forces within and beyond the food supply chain to support the ambitious objectives of the Code and further demonstrate the savoury snacks sector’s ambition.

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