INFOGRAPHIC: How much greener is the new CAP?

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Green policies play a key role in the new CAP for 2014-2020. According to the latest data, about €62 billion, is earmarked for the “greening envelope” of direct payments, and €50.4 billion from the Rural Development budget.

Compared to the period 2007-2013, when €44.2 billion was spent on actions under the environment Axis of the second pillar, the new CAP is more focused on green policies.

Daniel Rosario, a spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Development, told EURACTIV that the CAP offers a number of instruments to find adequate answers to the challenges of climate change, and to a more sustainable EU agriculture.

“Sustainable management of natural resources and climate action represent one of the three main objectives of the CAP,” he said. 

“Looking across the 28 member states, a total of €25.3 billion from the EU budget for rural development has been earmarked to actions that have a positive impact on biodiversity and around 20% of all farm land in the EU will be under management contract to improve or preserve biodiversity,” he added.

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