Specialty food ingredients: Innovating to meet consumer needs

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Delivering nutritional, technological and health benefits, specialty food ingredients play a key role in the creation of safe, nutritious, tasty and convenient food and drink products. The world is facing multiple issues, from feeding a growing population in a sustainable way to tackling public health concerns, as well as meeting individual nutritional needs and dietary choices. Therefore, a continued focus on science-driven innovation is necessary in order to find solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The ingredients industry is a trusted partner that helps manufacturers to innovate and bring to market food & drink products responding to consumers varied and evolving demands for:

  • Health and calorie reduction
  • Sustainability & Fairness
  • Convenience

In order to keep working on these solutions, it essential to have a framework sustaining innovation with:

  • rules and laws promoting innovation
  • policies that are based on scientific evidence
  • transparency and education to build consumer trust in ingredients, food processing and the science underpinning it

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