The facts about the CAP 2014-2020

The EU and its member states will spend over €191 billion by 2020 to help the bloc’s farming sector go green.

The budget of the European Common Agricultural Policy is divided into two pillars: direct payments to farmers, and a fund for rural development. Member states are entitled to transfer money from one pillar to another. Such a decision needs to be communicated by 1 August, 2017, and will be applicable for the 2019-2020 financial year.

An estimated 21% of these direct payments is earmarked for agricultural practices beneficial to the climate and the environment.

For instance, France will use €10.8 billion from the first pillar in order to green its farming, followed by Germany (€7.3 billion) and Spain (€7.26 billion).

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) of the new CAP will play a major role in greening the EU’s farming sector.

The EU’s contribution is €51.4 billion, while the total amount of member states contributions reaches €77.8 billion.

Member states are urged to invest in measures to restore, preserve and enhance ecosystems, promote resource efficiency and support the shift towards a low carbon economy.

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Sources: European Commission, Eurostat


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