Milan Expo 2015: A guided tour in pictures

Expo Milan

Expo Milan 2015 [Henriette Jacobsen]

The World Expo is taking place from 1 May to 31 October, around the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. 144 countries are represented with pavillions, some of which are portrayed in this photo essay. Follow EURACTIV for the guided tour.


Austria's pavilionAustria’s pavilion

The pavilion focused on going green for the future and is called ‘brEAThe’.

Expo Milan 2015Expo Milan 2015

Inside the pavilion, water was sprinkled on visitors. This may make you feel like an apple in a greenhouse, or in the supermarket’s fruit & vegetable section, but still very refreshing in 30+ degrees, in Milan. Thank you Austria!


Belgium's pavilionBelgium’s pavilion

Belgium’s pavilion is all about relaxing in the sun, while enjoying Belgian specialities: waffles, fries and beer!


China's pavilionChina’s pavilion

The Chinese pavilion was perfect for photo opps.


The French pavilion.The French pavilion.

Being a major agricultural producer, the French pavillion’s theme was a no-brainer.


Germany's pavilion.Germany’s pavilion.

The German pavilion is all about new technologies and “Fields of Innovation.”


Hungary's pavilion.Hungary’s pavilion.

EURACTIV’s reporter in Milan was a bit puzzled about how to understand the Hungarian pavilion (any suggestions?). National dishes were served inside the building.


The Dutch pavilion at Expo Milan 2015The Dutch pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

The Dutch pavilion had fancy food trucks selling dairy products. EURACTIV’s reporter was told not to enter without a smile ðŸ™‚


Poland's pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015.Poland’s pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015.

The Poles like the Beligians want you to hang out and enjoy national dishes in the baking sun…


Romania's pavilion.Romania’s pavilion.

While the Romanians might have spent a lot of time building a (sustainable?) house of nature materials, their pavilion though seemed rather closed…


Outside Spain's pvilion.Outside Spain’s pvilion.

Spain wants you to pack your suitcase, travel and have a taste of the world…

Spain's pavilion inside.Spain’s pavilion inside.

Plates inside the pavilion used to create a disco club.


The UK pavilion from the outside.The UK pavilion from the outside.

The UK pavilion looks rather unimpressive from the outside…

The UK pavilion.The UK pavilion.

… until you realise that you are a bee on your way to your giant beehive.


The US pavilion.The US pavilion.

The Americans focus on how to upgrade their national dishes for the future. New versions of the burger, hotdog and Coca-Cola!


The EU's pavilion.The EU’s pavilion.

Last but not least: The EU’s own pavilion looked very Brussels.

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