Seven EU Member States want to preserve CAP as it is

Seven EU Farm Ministers defended the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in a letter to several European newspapers on 23 September while the Council started discussing CAP reform.

What changes should be introduced to European agricultural policy with the next CAP reform?


The Farm Ministers Fernand Boden (Luxemburg), Miguel Arias Canete (Spain), Wilhelm Molterer (Austria), Armando José Cordeiro Sevinate Pinto (Portugal), Hervé Gaymard (France), José Happart (Walloon region of Belgium) and Joe Walsh (Ireland) are calling for a stop to the CAP reform process. Led by the French, the ministers protest against "false accusations" about the negative effects of the CAP on the environment, food safety, developing countries and EU budget.

Other Member States, are in favour of CAP reforms, proposed by Farm Commissioner Franz Fischler in July. Britain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden in particular fear that the 40 million euro annual CAP budget could get out of control once the EU expands to 10 new members in 2004. The Flemish region of Belgium is also in favour of CAP reform.

Italy, Greece and Finland have not yet joined any of the two groups.

For more information about the Agricultural Council of 23-24 September see

EURACTIV, 23 September.


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