‘Wine in Moderation’ – a unique international movement

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Wine in Moderation celebrates 10 years of social responsibility in the wine sector and looks forward to the future while it strives to continuously evolve, meeting today’s world challenges for a balanced lifestyle.

10 years ago, the world was a different place, the economic crisis was starting, Barack Obama was the first African American elected President, and the Treaty of Lisbon had just been signed. At the time, the term “Moderation” was neither exciting nor in our day to day vocabulary.

10 years later, it is a very different story. Today young people are gaining consciousness, taking into consideration their health, the environment and the climate, and aiming to have a more balanced lifestyle; challenging the way we live our lives and the way we act in our modern societies.

It was in 2008 that the European wine sector took a courageous step to address alcohol-related harm in a tangible manner and united to create the Wine in Moderation Programme. An opportunity which arose from the European Commission’s European Alcohol and Health Forum.

But what started off as policy commitment soon escaped the “Brussels bubble” and brought together in a unique alliance, businesses, universities, authorities and citizens from around the world.

Together we work to safeguard and pass to future generations a cultural heritage of millennia while sustaining a wine culture that not only inspires well-being but also supports the sustainability of rural areas, culinary traditions and gastronomy and a unique “savoir-faire”.

We raise awareness and knowledge about conscious enjoyment. We help people to appreciate wine culture and enjoy wine in a healthy, sustainable and convivial way. We help professionals to responsibly present and offer wine and we contribute to the sustainability of wine regions, family businesses and communities all over the world, sharing a unique cultural heritage.

Along the years, Wine in Moderation has grown into a worldwide movement active in 17 countries on 2 continents[1]. Thousands of Wine in Moderation supporters have transformed an idea into a reality; changing a vision of few into something naturally and fully part of today’s wine culture.

Widely recognised and referenced as good practice by international, European and national authorities, Wine in Moderation strives to continuously improve, advance and achieve excellence. And as our societies evolve, more and more people value their well-being, the sustainability of the environment and of their communities.

Wine consumers are drinking less but carefully choose their wines, looking for a real experience that goes along with their values and lifestyle; and witnessing a heritage that embodies wisdom, art, passion, balance and care.

Wine in Moderation is therefore relevant now more than ever, as the world becomes increasingly aware of the need for moderation and self-responsibility. Wine businesses should therefore evolve together with their customers and society.

And as we look and move forward into the future, to new challenges and consumer values, Wine in Moderation will continue to work hard to keep the culture of wine alive and stronger than ever!

For more information:

[1] http://10years.wineinmoderation.com/investments/

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