Croatian agricultural chamber urges consumers to buy locally

The Croatian Chamber of Agriculture (HPK) has called on consumers, buyers, and traders to help domestic vegetable producers and buy their vegetables to help relieve an unenviable market situation in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“Unfortunately, tourism and tourist consumption as one of the important sales channels were absent, and the growth of the imports and placement of cheap vegetables and market surpluses from the EU and the region’s market through trade chains continued,” warned HPK.

HPK leaders also warned against the growth of imports, stating that in the first three months of this year, Croatia imported 56,072 tons of vegetables worth as much as €46.37 million.

“Despite the corona crisis, imports of vegetables increased in volume by 11.4%, while the value was the same as in the first three months of last year, which is proof that during the crisis, surpluses from abroad arrived on the Croatian market at lower prices.”, said Mlade Jakopović, president of HPK.

Farmers expect the new government will be formed as soon as possible so that the severe economic situation caused by the coronavirus crisis does not spill over to other sectors in the autumn and further threaten agricultural production.

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