Draft measure to introduce fish quotas in Croatia scrapped

The European Commission has decided to withdraw its draft measure that was designed to introduce quotas for small pelagic fish in the Adriatic Sea, thanks in part to the work of MEP Ruza Tomasic. 

In 2018, Tomasic succeeded in preserving the measures for replenishing the stocks in the Adriatic, instead of the imposition of quotas for the catch as proposed by the European Commission, which would seriously affect the fishing industry in Croatia.

At that time, Tomasic explained that the imposed quota would have restricted the catch in the whole of the Adriatic Sea to 50,000 tonnes of small pelagic fish annually, whereas Croatia’s catch was about 60,000 tonnes and the amount in the region now stood at 100,000 tonnes.

Croatian MEP Ivan Jakovcic also opposed the quotes, saying that their introduction would have been detrimental to the blue growth in the Adriatic region.

The new European Commission led by President Ursula von der Leyen has recently decided to withdraw the draft regulation about the small pelagic fish quota in the Adriatic Sea from the procedure.

In her interview for Croatian news agency HINA, Tomasic explained that the proposal for quotas was made in the interest of lobbying large companies involved in catching and selling small pelagic. 

“I think the orders come from somewhere else. Someone had the idea to destroy the fishery in Croatia. Especially fishing for small pelagic fish,” Tomasic said.

Tomasic, who will continue her engagement in fishery and agriculture in the new MFF as the shadow rapporteur for the ECR group, said that the next burning issue with fisheries will be situation in the North Sea following Brexit, which she predicts will cause “a lot of problems”. 

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