Emergency pesticide use not permitted in Romania and Lithuania

The EU Commission barred Romania and Lithuania from granting emergency licences for forbidden pesticide use.

The three neonicotinoids are known to harm bees and other pollinators and their use has been restricted in the EU.

However, Romania and Lithuania continued to grant emergency authorisations for the use of those substances – imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam – but the EFSA said the emergency use was not justified.

Romania’s Agriculture Ministry announced in January that it would grant emergency authorisations for using neonicotinoids for corn and sugar beet seeds in the 2020 farming season.

After the Commission announcement, the Agriculture Ministry said the ban is not related to the January batch of approvals, but to an issue discussed in November 2019 regarding the emergency authorisations for using neonicotinoids for rapeseed crops.

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