Farmers revenue and access to land key topics at Salon de l’Agriculture

The issue of farmers revenue and access to agricultural land were placed high on the agenda of the famous Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris this week. 

Land development and rural settlement companies, as well as MEPs, professional agricultural organisations and NGOs, pleaded for a new land law to be voted in Parliament to fight against the artificialisation and financialisation of agricultural land.

“We need land justice so that there can be a renewal of generations and the development of agroecology,” Dominique Potier, deputy for Meurthe-et-Moselle, summed up at a press conference at the Salon de l’Agriculture.

He emphasised that “each time we regulate land, we enrich society”.

Low farm incomes are also at the heart of the agricultural unions’ concerns.

While Macron indicated that agricultural pensions would not be guaranteed at 1000 euros per month per person, the right-wing has demanded more precise answers.

Marine Le Pen, who visited the agricultural show on Tuesday, said the salon was surprisingly strong in her support for a European policy.

She said that farmers were afraid of Macron, saying that he would not have the courage to defend CAP subsidies.

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