Land ownership still proving problematic for Croatian farmers

The agricultural land act is undergoing new changes again. However, the Parliamentary committee on agriculture ran into problems on Friday regarding discussions on the availability of state-owned agricultural land.

“We are trying to administratively relieve future users, and I maintain that the agricultural land act has shown an improvement compared to the previous one,” the minister of agriculture Marija Vuckovic said.

However, it still seems that the current law poses another ‘stumbling block’ for Croatian peasants who want to buy state land for agricultural purposes.

The president of the committee, Filip Eravcic, stressed that the law has given too much power to the mayors of municipalities and it is harmful to real powers.

Committee member Davor Vlaovic said that the intention to finally decentralise the administration from the state is good, but since only 40 tenders were announced in municipalities after 2 years of its implementation, he concluded that ‘’the law is not effective’’.

He maintains that the law has led to problems in some areas, for example, in Varaždin County in Northern Croatia, where quality livestock farmers have become landless, and farmers who managed to obtain land exported corn to Slovenia.

He also suggested there should be a maximum purchase size of 50 ha of land and a resolution should be found for the controversial co-ownership of land in the field.

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