Measures to ‘save’ Croatian agriculture proposed

Members of the conservative ‘Croatian Sovereign party’ proposed measures on Tuesday (31 March) to save agricultural production and family farms in Croatia, saying the coronavirus crisis could be a turning point for Croatian agriculture.

Members warned that the current Government policy is leading the agriculture to a ”collapse.” 

“Small and medium-sized farm products will fail if they are not able to sell them at marketplaces, so owners will not have the resources to start new production. Equally questionable is the production from large manufacturers, ” they warned.

They propose, therefore, to open markets for the sale of Croatian products, in accordance with the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters, and to preserve some of the domestic production by regulations.

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to assist small farmers in finding the right distribution channels for their products, and a large number of requests for passes for farmers are being received, Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic said on Thursday (26 March).

After the restriction of movement due to COVID-19 measures, the agricultural workers need to have a special pass to be able to perform their activities outside their residence.

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