New measures for coping with coronavirus crisis

Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic on Tuesday (23 March) unveiled measures for the agricultural sector, which are part of the government’s initial set of measures designed to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. The ministry is now working on additional measures.

The first measure introduced ensured flexibility between the pillars of the CAP.

Croatia has also asked for additional funding in the third pillar, namely for securing sufficient income for farmers.

The proposed amount, taking flexibility into account, is currently a minimum HRK 120 million, Vuckovic said.

Other measures taken include small grants scheme for family farms, crafts and employers worth HRK 53 million and a credit line for small businesses, such as the wool-processing industry, with loans ranging to up to €25,000, with an interest rate of 0.5%.

The credit line may be financed from the Rural Development Fund, according to the Minister. 

As for the fisheries sector, Vuckovic said that a request had been sent to the EC to reintroduce measure for the temporary cessation of fishing activities and allow employees to earn full wages.

New small grants for fisheries will increase from 30,000 to 120,000 euros.

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