Romania set to be hit by drought, according to new study

Romania’s agriculture minister said an evaluation of the drought effects will be finalised in the coming days, but preliminary data shows less than 1.2 million hectares are severely affected by the lack of rain.

“We have about 2.9 million hectares that were sowed in the autumn, and our pre-assessment indicates the seriously affected surfaces will not surpass 1-1.2 million hectares,” minister Adrian Oros said.  

He said the authorities hope that, with the crops sowed in the Spring, Romania’s agricultural production will be high enough to cover the domestic consumption.

Romania’s annual consumption reaches 2.2-2.5 million tons of wheat and 7 million tons of corn.

In recent years, with enough rainfall, Romania produced between 7 and 9 million tons of wheat and some 14 million tons of corn, Oros added, insisting the government will continuously monitor stocks to ensure all the local consumption needs are met.

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