Spanish farmers protest for urgent measures for the sector

Cooperatives and farmer’s associations in Spain will continue their nationwide protests this week to demand fair prices for agrifood products and for urgent Government measures to boost the sector’s profitability.

Farmer’s associations in Extremadura (southwest) and Valencia (east) have planned several demonstrations and road blockades with tractors and strikes.

A farmer’s demonstration was convened in Valencia for Friday (February 14) and one is planned in Sevilla for February 25.

Under the hashtag #AgricultoresAlLimite, Spain’s main farmers’ associations (ASAJA, COAG or UPA) want to raise awareness about the “critical situation” of the sector due to extremely low prices and the lack of profitability of agriculture and livestock.

Spanish farmers fear heavy cuts in the future post-2020 CAP, including a large reduction in subsidies and a fierce competition from the “dumping” of products from Third countries, for example, as a result of the EU-MERCOSUR agreement, Brexit, the Russian veto or US tariffs.

They demand “supporting measures to alleviate the serious damages that we are suffering.”

“We are concerned about the imbalances that still persist between the different links in the [agrifood] chain and in the process of fixing prices and the lack of profitability suffered by farms,” they stressed in a joint statement.


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