Tax on animal products proposed to improve animal welfare in Germany

The livestock welfare has been a recent topic of conversation, as environmental activists have decried the low meat prices that can only be maintained through dismal living conditions for the animals.

On Monday (11 February), a commission led by former Minister for Agriculture Jochen Borchert issued its proposals for reshaping animal husbandry in Germany.

By 2040, they expect that all animals will be at a minimum kept in conditions that adhere with Level 2 of those in the planned Animal Welfare Labelling Act.

This requires creating more space and better climate conditions in stables.

To pay for these improvements, the majority of the members of the commission support a consumption tax on animal products at a suggested rate of 0.40€ per kilogram of meat, 0.02€ for milk and eggs, and 0.15€ for cheese and butter, which is expected to generate 3.60 billion euros per year.

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