(Agri-food) life after Brexit

Civil society groups have called for an extension to avoid those who have unresolved applications or who miss the deadline facing legal limbo. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

After having agreed on the terms of their separation, the EU and the UK are faced with a potential mismatch between the two sides of the Channel when it comes to agriculture and foodstuff.

While the EU is rethinking the way food is produced in Europe from farm to fork, the UK sees Brexit as an opportunity and start doing things differently after more than 40 years subject to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) rules.

There is the potential for the two roads to massively diverge, implying new food standards that could ultimately undermine trade talks, although the agri-food interrelation between the two sides is expected to remain strong.

In this special report, EURACTIV investigates the agri-food life after Brexit and what topics could yet drive an even larger wedge between the EU and the UK.

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