Alternatives to animal testing

But what is needed to build further confidence in the alternatives on animal testing? [Shutterstock]

The EU legislation provides that principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs) should be “considered systematically” when animals are used for scientific purposes in the EU

These alternatives are basically scientific guiding principles for the more ethical use of animals in testing, avoiding or replacing the use of animals.

According to the European Commission, these alternatives aim to:

  • obtain the required information without the use of live animals;
  • reduce the numbers of animals whilst obtaining the same level of information;
  • refine the use of live animals so as to cause less pain, distress or suffering, or improve the welfare of the animals.

But these alternatives, according to the EU executive, should also have as the objective to develop “better and more predictive scientific tools” to protect human and animal health.

This event report looks into what is needed to build further confidence in these alternatives.

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