Bioeconomy in the CAP’s nine objectives

The updated bioeconomy strategy looks beyond the mere re-use of energy, trying to scale up the EU bio-based sector. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

Bioeconomy will play a crucial role in delivering the European Union’s environmental and climate neutrality agenda. The farm sector is no exception and at least half of the nine objectives of the post-2020 EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) relate directly to this concept.

The recently updated bioeconomy strategy now looks more at the concept of circular economy in general than at the mere re-use of energy, with the aim to strengthen and scale up an already vibrant European bio-based sector.

Insulating homes, producing bioplastics, making organic fertilisers out of wastes: the application of the bioeconomy to the agriculture production creates new business opportunities, provides additional income for farmers and increases their competitiveness

But it also strengthens the role that the agriculture sector could have in environmental care and the protection of biodiversity.

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