Can the next CAP measure its green performance?

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the EU’s biggest budget item, accounting for around 40% of the bloc's total spending, or €59 billion per year. [Daniel Brock/Flickr]

The discussion about the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy has kicked off, along with talks about the policy’s long-term green ambitions.

Europe’s farmers face a variety of challenges – from price volatility to the protection of natural resources – and the EU must design its next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to meet those twin goals.

EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has also clearly stated that farmers will play an important role in fighting climate change under the bloc’s commitments made as part of the Paris Agreement.

The big challenge for policymakers is to ensure that farmers are able to make a living while protecting Europe’s environment and guaranteeing food security.

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