Communicating modern animal farming

Vet working on kettles. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

A communication gap between citizens and farmers in the modern livestock sector is increasingly widening and the general sentiment is shifting from an overall good opinion of those who keep feeding the world toward a negative view on farmers’ role in today’s society.

According to livestock sector stakeholders, this communication gap is leading to misinterpretation of the reality of animal farming, if not intentional disinformation and the sector is making efforts to avoid or mitigate unpleasant effects like the so-called agri-bashing and violence against animal growers.

Some criticism is well-founded and there is a general consensus on the need to reconsider all aspects of modern animal farming in order to better address animal welfare and environmental issues.

But breeding practices are already changing in this direction. The next challenge is how to better communicate these changes to the general public and bridge the gap between farmers and citizens.

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