EU-Africa: translating green agrifood ambitions

The EU, US and Africa need to forge a new grand bargain on food and energy security, argues Vera Songwe. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

On the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, the EU is currently establishing a new ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa, of which agriculture is a key focus.

The aims of the EU’s flagship environmental policy, the Green Deal, combined with the COVID-19 crisis underscoring the need for resilient food systems, have seen sustainability placed at the forefront of the EU-Africa agenda when it comes to agriculture.

The question now is how this partnership can help shape future sustainable growth strategies in global food systems in an equitable way which ensures both the livelihoods of African farmers as well as the food security of the continent.

In this Event Report, EURACTIV explores what the future of sustainable food systems looks for Africa and how green aspirations can be best translated to an African context.

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