EU agriculture and Mercosur: what is the state of play?

The entry into force of the Mercosur deal – set to forge a trade area between the EU27 and Mercosur countries, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – remains a controversial topic amongst agrifood stakeholders.

The deal was struck in 2019, after almost 20 years of negotiations. It establishes the largest free trade zone the EU has ever created, covering a market of 780 million people and liberalising most agricultural exchanges.

Despite the lengthy negotiations, the deal is far from being done. Its ratification is coming under fire, especially regarding Brazil´s environmental policy, which is being called into question by some member states.

Although it offers some market opportunities for EU farmers and companies, many European producers fear the agreement will afford better market access for agricultural giants, such as those in Brazil and Argentina.

In this Special Report, EURACTIV’s partner EFE Agro takes a look at the current state of play of the EU agricultural sector and the Mercosur deal.

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