EU agrifood relations with Africa: what lies ahead?

The EU-Kenya agreement to implement the Economic Partnership Agreement originally planned with the entire East African Community unties the Gordian knot between its supporters and opponents among African countries in the short term, but has long-term consequences beyond the divergence of tariffs towards the EU, writes Frederik Stender. [SHUTTERSTOCK/WATSON]

The European Union is reshaping its approach to Africa, hoping to promote long-term sustainable food systems and help their people cope with the side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ambitious climate goals embedded in the EU’s flagship environmental policy, the Green Deal, have brought sustainability to the top of the EU-Africa agenda even when it comes to farming.

Challenges for rural people created by the pandemic and the need to better protect local foodstuffs are also in the spotlight of the EU’s action in Africa.

In this special report, EURACTIV takes stock of the new priorities in the EU-Africa partnership and looks at what lies ahead.

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