Exploring farming sustainability options

As the EU’s flagship food policy, the Farm to Fork, and its complementary relative, the Biodiversity Strategy, aim to improve sustainability at all levels of the food chain, the focus is now on the tools that could deliver such ambition.

For instance, the EU’s farming subsidies programme, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), envisages a new green architecture designed to reward farmers for certain agricultural practices considered important in delivering environmental goals.

However, the private sector is not standing idly by and has started to propose tools to help achieve this.

This includes markets to incentivise carbon removals and protocols to assess the environmental impact of products in a bid to assess validate claims.

In this special report, EURACTIV takes a closer look at ways to offer standardised information on sustainable farming practices through the lens of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and how it could help to improve the sustainability of the whole supply chain.

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