Farm to Fork: In search of a solution-oriented approach

On 20 May after several delays, the EU executive unveiled its 27-action point landmark food policy aiming to transform the European way of producing, distributing and consuming food. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

The debate over the targets specified in the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F) has inevitably prompted extensive attention, both before and after the strategy was launched.

But the initial focus on the ‘numbers’ of the EU’s new flagship food policy – such as the percentage of cuts in pesticide, fertiliser and antibiotic use – drew the attention away from its constructive aspects.

This means the issue of how the F2F ambitions can be practically implemented has so far tended to be neglected.

However, with the targets set, questions are turning to how these can be achieved in practice.

It is time to move towards a solution-oriented approach, focusing on the ways in which food producers can achieve sustainability standards.

In this special report, explores the ways in which innovation and a well-balanced regulatory framework can help to cope with the trade-offs that every transition inevitably presents.

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