Farm to Fork: what role for consumers and innovation

Consumers as much as producers are put at the core of this new comprehensive food agenda. [SHUTTERSTOCK/LAMYAI]

Although reduction targets set in the EU’s flagship food policy stole public opinion’s attention at first, consumer behaviour and innovation are expected to have an equally critical role to play in the path toward more sustainable food system.

With its Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F), the European Commission has proposed highly ambitious targets to transform the European way of producing, distributing and consuming food.

Consumers, as much as producers, are put at the core of this comprehensive new food agenda.

Innovation and training come to farmers’ rescue not only to implement the new sustainable ambition but also to help the sector recovering from the disruption caused by the pandemic.

In this report, EURACTIV presents the contribution that both innovation and consumers can provide to make Europe the world’s sustainable standard for food.

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