Innovation in agriculture: Europe at crossroads

The Biden administration must begin a food diplomacy revolution, writes Sophia Murphy. [Shutterstock/Gustavo Frazao]

One of the main issues that the European Commission and EU member states will have to face in the coming years is how to handle innovation in Europe’s agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector’s fight to mitigate climate change and improve sustainability is an integral part of the EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy. However, EU farmers insist that they don’t have the right tools to do so.

What is the role of innovation and the introduction of new technologies in helping EU farmers cope with the climate challenge? Is Europe open enough to innovation compared to the rest of the world?

In this Special Report, EURACTIV will focus on the hot topics EU policymakers will have to deal with when it comes to innovation in agriculture as well as how their decisions could eventually impact other sectors, such as the bloc’s trade.

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