The added value of EU quality schemes

A harvester machine at work on a field. [LALS STOCK/Shutterstock]

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Europe’s farmers are coming under extraordinary financial pressure as shifting export markets and volatile prices take their toll. But new markets are emerging and consumers in Europe and beyond are increasingly choosing to buy high-quality products from the EU.

In a globalised market, Europe’s agri-food producers can stand out by focusing on quality. The EU’s quality schemes help reassure consumers that they are buying an authentic, high-quality product, while enabling farmers and producers to command higher prices and protecting their specialities from unfair competition.

As the Russian market has closed, others have opened up: Asia’s booming middle class is a new and dynamic market for Europe’s high-end agri-food producers. And one that will only grow in the years to come.

However, the value added by the EU’s quality schemes makes them a popular target for fraudsters, with counterfeit products costing consumers and producers billions of euros each year.

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