Post-2020 CAP: simplification and investments

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The European Commission, steered by Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, has taken a number of initiatives to simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and help EU farmers cope with the rising demands.

The public consultation on modernising and simplifying the CAP reiterated the need to end excessive bureaucracy and make the policy simpler and more effective. At the same time, EU farmers are seeking incentives to invest in the sector but are hampered by the lack of a long-term perspective.

In its much-discussed communication for the future of agriculture published in December 2017, the European Commission proposed further simplification by granting the member states “more room” to address their specific conditions.

What is the practical added value of these new proposals?

How can we ensure that more powers to the member states will not be translated into a “re-nationalisation” scenario?

Can the new CAP be steady and provide safe investment opportunities?

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