Can the (new) CAP deliver on Sustainability?

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It is a momentous phase for Europe’s agriculture. The EU’s foremost common policy, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), has been recently reformed to respond adequately to current challenges. The CAP and sustainability are very broad topics. This workshop focused on three main areas:

  • Economic aspects: former Commissioner Ciolos had tried to address price volatility in the CAP reform process. Where are we now? Does the overwhelming power of retail mar the CAP benefits?
  • Environment: the hotly debated “greening” in the first pillar is not off the table. Is it really so difficult to implement on the ground? How can agriculture also contribute to environmental protection?
  • Inclusiveness: is the new CAP sufficiently tackling two great challenges – the ageing farmers’ population, i.e. encourage and support young farmers? And how does it score in terms of including the rural areas with major constraints (formerly Remote Rural Areas)?

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