CAP in the UK: How would ‘Brexit’ affect British farming?

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The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was most recently reformed in 2013, including incentives for farmers to invest in ‘green’ practices, innovation and support for young farmers. A European Commission review in 2016 will aim to simplify these reforms.

Meanwhile, the UK will hold a referendum on the UK’s EU membership before the end of 2017.

This roundtable will ask ‘how does Britain benefit from the CAP?’ and how British withdrawal from the EU would affect the farming sector. Questions are:

  • How is the CAP supporting farmers in Britain? Is it promoting innovation?
  • How reliant are British farms on EU subsidies and EU mobility?
  • How much simplification of the CAP’s ‘green’ agenda is needed (and how)?
  • How do EU geographical indications (GIs) add value to British products?

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