CuTE greenhouse showcases EU fruits and vegetables at the European Parliament

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A mobile greenhouse arrived at the European Parliament last Wednesday (11 September) to kick off a two year tour of Europe informing consumers about the benefits of European-grown fruits and vegetables. The exhibition was the launch of a campaign called CuTE (Cultivating the Taste of Europe) organised by FruitVegetablesEUROPE to defend and promote European fruit and vegetable cultivation.

“We have recreated this greenhouse so that people can see how we work in a greenhouse to produce tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruit and vegetables,” said Alba Ridao-Bouloumié, Secretary General of FruitVegetablesEUROPE.

“By promoting events such as these we enable children to learn about the benefits of fruits and vegetables,” said Laurent Bergié, President of AOPn Tomates & Concombres de France. “We also aim to explain with our production methods and tools like this, our greenhouse, how today’s production is healthy and strictly controlled to ensure that consumers receive products that are perfectly healthy and, of course, barely affected by pesticides,” he added.
MEP Clare Aguilera, who hosted the event, stressed the importance of the quality, variety and freshness of fruit and vegetables grown across Europe.

For more information about the CuTE campaign, visit:

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