Data-driven actions as the key to deliver sustainability in the EU dairy sector?

The current EU agri-food model is going through radical change. The need to feed a growing population sustainably and protect biodiversity is putting demands on the industry like never before. The main EU policy response is the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F), at the heart of the European Green Deal, which aims to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

The dairy sector is taking steps to reduce the climate and environmental impact of dairy products from farm to fridge. To ensure these solutions have a tangible, measurable impact – and to fine-tune the effectiveness of these solutions – organisations have started to adopt data-driven approaches. Through the use of data, dairy farming can be optimised to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise the climate impact of farms. Farmers can now collect data on herd size, milk volumes and feed usage; calculate the level of greenhouse gas emissions and identify where there is room for improvement; and use data to develop new science-based solutions to address climate change.

Using data makes it possible for farmers to identify areas where sustainable practices can be implemented or improved.

But there is more to do. The next challenge will be how to use this knowledge in effective policymaking and how to share best practices and data-driven approaches to drive sustainability across the entire dairy sector.

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